How to fall in love with Parma

How to fall in love with Parma

I wish to make you fall in love with Parma…

Parma is my small and elegant town that allows you to take a gentle dive into Italian culture and history.


Parma is a vibrant town – at any time of day or night may meet someone on the street, in a café, taking a walk
If your trip takes you to my town for a culinary holiday, we can suggest the best restaurants – either traditional Parma cuisine, or another type – in any case we are sure you will enjoy dining in Parma!
You are in the FOOD VALLEY!!

If you wish to make a food tour to appreciate how parmesan, ham and balsamic vinegar are produced, an expert in gastronomy and local culture will be at your disposal, either with your own car (or hers) to lead you in our country.
If you wish to discover our city’s artistic heritage another guide will be available to take you in the most beautiful galleries and museums of our city.

If you wish to take a course in Italian cuisine, even just for a day, we will be delighted to organize it.

PP_04-bOur cuisine is excellent and simple. The culatello king of our salamis must be absolutely tasted (if you make a culatello, you can’t make the ham), prosciutto, salame, spalla, spalla cotta with a steaming hot torta fritta.

Boiled pork and beef meats are served with sauces and mustard. This is the “must” of our cuisine. We drink a glass of Lambrusco (typical sparkling red wine) or Malvasia (typical sparkling white wine) and everyone becomes much more cheerful!
Everyone keeps the tradition from generation to generation by gathering at established restaurants and taverns.

Tortelli of pumpkin, potatoes and herbs and wonderful anolini (Cappelletti) served in hot broth.

Parma still preserves the charm of the taverns and the tradition of an aperitivo – where you can enjoy a glass of Lambrusco and Malvasia and have some slices of salami with a piece of bread.

Restaurants of tradition. Family run taverns or restaurants offering refined superb cuisine. There is something here in Parma to suit everyone.
I have a lawyer friend, globetrotter who delights in cooking and loves talking about our Country.
The past few years he has been a great help for my guests who desire to live intensely our city and our record. An idea to spend an evening alternative outside the usual restaurants, going to dinner at the home of Italian “friends”. Anyone who has tried a similar experience had so, so much fun!!

Ma sei di coccio? di Enrico BelgradoAn eclectic and dear friend, writer and lover of good food, has just published a book on flat bread (flour, water and yeast) “Sei di coccio?Enrico Belgrado is available to teach you how to make it and to make pasta at home … ….. you could even convince him to go out to dinner with you!!  Funny, smart and great company.
A man old fashioned holding secrets of the past.
If you want to experience “The Art of Travel” which characterized the travellers of the past, who were active and eager for discovery, innovation and knowledge, now you can!… thanks to a native Italian explorer who will guide you to discover authentic Italy, the one you will never find in tourist guides.
The Verdi Festival in October is one of the most important Italian events for Opera Lovers. During the full month of October you can have a beautiful experience in our Teatro Regio.
We can provide your booking.

My Bed and Breakfast’s rooms can accommodate up to 5 people and a neighbouring apartment up to 5 persons.
You can have your holiday in the heart of the historic Italian buildings of 1600 and 1700, only a few steps from the Cathedral Square.

Home of the most Italian prestigious Universities, a very renowned Conservatory of Music, EFSA of (European Food Safety Administration), Alma the most great school of Italian cuisine, the most major Italian food industries such as Barilla and Parmalat . Those of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, ham, tomato, flour and all those that refer to food. The Food Valley:


Parma is lovely in every season:

In autumn:

PP_17-bParma is shrouded in mist and sounds are muffled and slows down its pace.
People walk more slowly and slightly curved on theirself to shield from moisture.
In the streets close to the Cathedral you can appreciate the smell of the fireplaces that ceases only in the spring.
The classical concerts, the Theater season and the Verdi festival in October starts.

The Teatro Regio its small but magnificent and its acoustics are perfect!
During the night opera lovers form queues that turn corners in order to get a ticket to attend the dress rehearsal of the various works in the program.
You can see usual furious quarrels when someone has been crossed out from the lists affixed at the theatre’s door just because they did not answered the call.

A delightful and quick lunch could be served at the theater’s bar where you can also have a drink in the evening before going to one of the many restaurants in the city.
If you wish you can visit the theater. Some rooms are marvellously frescoed and with enormous crystal chandeliers.


In winter:

Parco DucaleIf it snows Parma undergoes a complete transformation and becomes an enchanting garden. The numerous plants, with the snow make it unrecognizable and the Parco Ducale turns into the Kingdom of the Snow Queen.
Moisture is perfect for maturing all of our salamis. If in the morning the temperature drops to 0 degrees everything is crystallized and magically transforms the whole city.

With cold weather Parmesans stop for a quick drink at the small tables of Via Farini (closed to the main square Piazza Garibaldi) where you will find old or new and very noisy wine bars, and then go and eat in restaurants and taverns.

In spring:

The city is perfumed of acacias flowers, it s vibrant, bright, and everyone turn cycling (the City provides chartering bicycles that can be left at different points in the centre of town).
Playing for PizzaThe Ducal Park is fabulous for walk, ride a bike or jog.
It’s an ancient park in the city center strewn with statues, small woods and a beautiful pond at the end of the paths.
Surrounded by the trees, a little old kiosk serves ice cream and juices.
Even great to see the Palace Euchierio Sanvitales which has a couple of rooms marvellously frescoed.
If you wish, you can have a stop for a meal in a very old family-run trattoria that has its own entrance from the park and have our traditional cuisine delighted by the background of the opera music.

I have read recently a very pleasant book about a American football player written by John Grisham entitledPlaying for Pizza” set in Parma that manages superbly in a fun way to a dip in our city ‘.

I really hope to welcome you here as my guests very soon.