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Bike Food Stories

Bike Food Stories

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Bike Food Stories organizes special tours throughout Parma and its surroundings combining cycling holidays and local wines and food. In this way we can discover and experience slowly the territory of Parma, the capital of the so-called “Italian Food Valley” and the UNESCO creative city of Gastronomy.

The tours start whether from Parma, near the citycenter.
We cycle to discover different places:

  • The river Po and its valley where the mist together with the landscape create a special atmosphere;
  • The hills where Prosciutto of Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese see the light;
  • The Natural Reserve with woods.

What is my aim?
I want to offer the tourists, guests in our territory, a unique experience, emotions, memories that will connect them to the gastronomic culture and the artisans that everyday create special products.

Travelling is a way to discover and appreciate the territory and its culture in a green way. To protect the environment is the core of this project.

I suggest you an half day bike tour to visit a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory to see all production chain, the different ageing rooms and the huge storage with inside 9.000 pieces of cheese!!! After the visit, we taste 3 different age Parmigiano Reggiano to find out the sensory quality!

After we ride the bike in the countryside, slowly slowly, to enjoy our nature and our crops! We come back in the city through a bike lane and we visit Parma by bike! For lunch we go to taste our cured meat and Parma wine’s in a special delicatessen or in an old osteria.

In the morning we start at 8:15am and we finish at 1:30pm
in the afternoon we start at 2.30pm and we finish at 7pm
Length: 18km flat and easy
Contact Davide +39 349 7838492

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