Parma’s castles

Parma’s castles


Torrechiara Castle (18 km from Parma)

torrechiaraIts elevated position allows to dominate the valley where the Parma stream flows, a meeting point between the city and the closed mountains.
The Castle wa not only as a defensive structure but also an isolated abode of Count Pier Maria Rossi the II and his lover Bianca Pellegrini Arluno.
It is considered one of the best preserved example of castles’ architecture in Italy for the combines elements of the Middle Ages to those of the Italian Renaissance.
Owned by the italian State, is in direct delivery to the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage.


colorno_palaceColorno Palace (12km from Parma)

The Versailles of Parma. An elegant, monumental structure, with over 400 rooms surrounded by a beautiful French formal garden.

Once home to Sanseverino, the Farnese , the Borbone and Maria Luigia d’Austria.

Inside the Astronomical Observatorycan be visited.


compiano_castle-bCompiano Castle (80km from Parma)

A stronghold founded before the year 100 on the crest of a hill overlooking the Taro river.

Home to the Gambarotta’s Collection of arts from 600s and 700s.

Part of thehotel it has been converted into a hotel andconference centre.


fontanellato-bFontanellato (19km from Parma)

The enchanting castle in the centre of the village is surrounded by a wide ditch; inside is a masterpiece of Italian Mannerism, the room payinted by Parmigianino in 1524 depicting mith of Diana and Atteone.

The Sanvitale’s apartment is still intact.

The only functioning camera obscura in Italy can also be visited there.


castel_montechiarugolo-bMontechiarugolo (16km from Parma)

Build from Guido Torelli in the fifteenth century, the Castle just out over the Enza stream. An important example of fortified architecture and noble residence.

The crenelated structure is accessed by the draw-bridge, which leads to splendid frescoed rooms, where legend has it that the ghost of the Fairy Bema still lingers.


castellodiroccabiancamuraRoccabianca Castle (29km from Parma)

Build in the mid 400s for his beloved Bianca Pellegrini by Magnifico Pier Maria Rossi.

Restoration work has brought to light frescoed decorations, heralding coats of arms in the portico infront of Griselda’s famous room, with modern recostruction of the painted cycle inspired by Boccaccio’s hundredth novella.

Home to the Museum of Distillery.


baganzaSala Baganza (10km from Parma)

Hunting residence of Duke Farnese and Borbone. Nestled in the hills of the Apennines , near the Baganza stream, this strongold was of primary importance in the defence of Parma’s castles.

Its protects precious frescoes and decorations,sixteenth century work by Samacchini, Campi and Baglione.
Within the rooms dating back to the 500s is an exhibition by Jucci Ugolotti.


sansecondoSan Secondo (18km from Parma)

From medieval fortress ostentatious renaissance residence.
Here live an illustrious family of Parma. The room of Rossi deeds is superb, as are the 17 frames depicting Apuleio’s “Golden Ass”.

It is also home to work by student of Giulio Romano, Baglione , Samacchini, Bertoja, Procaccini and Paganino.


castello_di_scipioneScipione Castle

Build from the Pallavicino in the eleventh century to defende their State, as a direct fief of the Roman Empire. Still inhabiteded by the family, its salons are home to precious frescoes and wooden ceilings with decorations from the 400s and 600s.

There is a splendid view over the hills and medieval village from the elegant loggia.


soragna-bSoragna (18km from Parma)

The lavish residence of Prince Meli Lupi di Soragna who still live there today. Stupendos rooms with early Baroque furniture anfìd furnishings.

Home to frescoed decorations and painting cycles by Nicolo’ dell’Abate, Cesare Baglione, Ferdinando and Francesco Galli Bibiena. Set in the middle of a large landscaped park with a small lake, greenhouse and cafe’.


Bardi Stronghold (60km from Parma)

fortezza-bardiBuilt more than one thousand years ago on a spur of red jasper, at the confluence of the streams and Ceno Noveglia, a true example of military architecture in Emilia, belonged to the middle of the thirteenth century, and for more than four centuries, to the Landi, Renaissance princes who also fought coin of imperial license. Towards the end of the sixteenth century is partially transformed in elite aristocratic mansion. All to admire are the walkways, the towers, the parade, the courtyard arcade, the well, the ice house, barns, prisons and torture chambers. The former quarters of the soldiers are home to the Museum of “civilization ‘Valligiana.” Inside the fortress of Bardi can admire the recently restored Hall of the Princes, the 5 Alpine Salt and the new Museum of Wildlife and Poaching.
In case of snow check the opening.