The Gran Tour

Discovering the Gran Tour on 21st century. The Young English elites of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries frequently spent a couple of years traveling around Europe trying to extend their horizons and know about , language, architecture,



Experience in Bed & Breakfast

Fogs on Food valley

Fogs, hazes, tabards on the Po river

"What is fascinating is the uncertainty. The fog makes wonderful things. " Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Sure. Fog hides many aspects. Some insult, others celebrate it. But it is certainly fascinating. It covers everything. A gray

Verdi Festival 2016 and Al Battistero d’Oro

Verdi Festival 2016 at the gates!   From the 1st to the 30th of October Parma will one of the most popular music’s european city. During these days, as common on October the italian city celebrates one of his well known composer, Giuseppe

Parma The New York Times

36 hours in Parma, Italy

36 hours in Parma: The New York Times Magazine dedicates its weekly travel column to our city, Parma. We are glad to share with you this short beautiful breaktime in Italian Food Valley! By SETH SHERWOOD JULY 21, 2016   This riverside

Napoleon’s other wife Al Battistero D’oro

Napoleon's other wife.    The story of Marie Louise is certainly well known: she was Duchess of Parma and Piacenza until his death on 1847. She lived in Parma for more of thirty years, loved by the Parmesan peole. A lot of famous places who bear


Ferrari, Emilia.. Al Battistero d’Oro!

Ferrari: cars, heart and passion!who doesn't know the Maranello’s prencing horse ?   World most famous and craved car are born in Emilia region. a stone's throw from our Food Valley, alias Parma, most desired and taste Food Valley! Heart

Playing for Pizza

Playing for Pizza Al Battistero d’Oro

Playing for pizza is a short novel written by John Grisham on 2007. The story tells about an american footbal player, who played on National Football Association, but after a dramatic final match can no longer work on that League. Then, his agent

Top 10 B&Bs for city breaks in Europe

Top 10 B&Bs for city breaks in Europe

From London grandesse to Parisian chic, visit these B&Bs for a European adventure full of character A continent that speaks in more than 50 tongues, Europe is home to a stunning range of architecture and offers up delicious delicacies - and is

Al Battistero d’Oro – Bed & Breakfast in Emilia-Romagna

Tranquillity in the heart of Parma. A city beloved of opera buffs, history buffs and foodies, it is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets Bed & Breakfast in Emilia-Romagna Tucked behind the Duomo in this grand two-storey yellow palazzo, off a

Parma UNESCO 2016

Parma is UNESCO city of Gastronomy 2016!

We are really proud to announce that Parma is UNESCO city of Gastronomy 2016! Parma obtains a great result: it’s the World Capital taste of 2016. Parma will be one of the UNESCO food ambassador with Bergen, Pukhet, Burgos and

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre: natural paradise

Near the Food Valley, Cinque Terre are a beautiful areas on the coast between Liguria and Toscana seeing Mediterranean Sea. One of the most beautiful beaches are setting here, between Genova and La Spezia. Many tourists choose Cinque Terre to spend